Eye-Catching Abstract Paintings by Justine Hill

Abstract art is a kind of miracle. It is indeed very different from many traditional styles of art, but it is no less important and significant. Whether it comes to paintings or sculptures, shipping items like that is a pleasure for Fine Art Shippers. We love this distinctive style that uses the language of color, form, shape, and line to create a composition. Moreover, we are very lucky to be working with Will and Alexander Yaya, Vladimir Nazarov, Tom Lieber, and other prominent artists who create truly impressive abstract paintings. Shipping items for them is always an exciting experience for every art handler on our team! However, there are also many young artists whose abstract art is no less eye-catching. For example, let us tell you about Justine Hill and her beautiful paintings!

Justine Hill

Born in Tarrytown, NY in 1985, Justine Hill received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The artist now lives and works in New York City where she is represented by Denny Dimin Gallery. Justine Hill creates her amazing abstract paintings using elemental shapes and marks that are distinguished by opacity, value, and color. The most interesting thing about this talented artist is that many of her works are made on non-rectangular-shaped panels, which makes her paintings even more special and unique.

It is needless to say that shipping items like Justine Hill’s eye-catching abstract paintings is always a great pleasure for Fine Art Shippers. It would be an honor for our team to work with this gifted artist.