Expert Art Installer, or Useful Skills for an Art Handler in 2024

Expert Art Installer, or Useful Skills for an Art Handler in 2024

Art installers are the jacks of all trades of the art industry. This profession requires you to be a great communicator and knowledgeable in a variety of different areas. Wondering if you would be a good fit for this career path? Here are three useful skills an art installer should have to become the best at their job.

Expert Art Installer, or Useful Skills for an Art Handler in 2024


Are you surprised that we mentioned carpentry regarding art handling? You might be thinking, “But what do art handlers build? Aren’t they supposed to install things that have already been made?” The thing is, art installers do way more than just hang pictures on walls. Their tasks can vary on any given day, and depending on the kind of exhibition they are preparing, they might need to build an art shipping crate from scratch or install an art hanging system. To do that, art handlers must have impeccable hand-to-eye coordination and be able to take accurate measurements.


Driving might seem like a basic skill many adults in the US have. However, driving a regular car is very different from driving a truck loaded with priceless, fragile valuables like works of art and antiques. Simply having a driver’s license does not make one qualified to safely transport an ancient sculpture or a massive installation. Art handlers have to be extremely cautious when transporting their client’s possessions across the country or even to a nearby street.

Art-related education

A degree in Fine Arts is by no means a requirement for an art installer — in most cases, even a high school degree is enough. However, most art handlers are art enthusiasts themselves. Many of them have their own collections and are experts in art-related topics. While having an art-related degree is not necessary to be a successful art handler, it is certainly a huge bonus. Being able to hold a conversation with a client about the piece you are transporting or installing for them will make you an asset to your team.

Now that you know which skills are useful to art installation experts, you will hopefully be able to use this knowledge to become the greatest professional the art world has ever seen.