East – A Creative Agency for Creative Artists

Professional art shipping companies have a pleasure to work with talented artists, passionate gallery owners, dedicated art dealers, and many other creative people from around the world. Fine Art Shippers is no exception. We are so lucky to handle and ship one-of-a-kind art pieces created by established and emerging artists, install art for some of the most prominent galleries and auction houses, deliver valuable paintings and sculptures to private collectors, and visit important art-related events in different countries worldwide. Besides, as one of the most respected art shipping companies, we collaborate with many public institutions, cultural centers, and also private agencies working with international artists. For example, let us introduce East, an amazing agency for creative artists we are very proud to work with!


East is a reputable agency for artists, which was founded in 1996. For today, it has two offices: in London and New York City, each aimed at providing a personalized service that puts the clients first. East represents a whole range of creative artists specializing in photography, styling, casting, set design, and moving image. For instance, it works with such contemporary talents as Francesco Nazardo, Mobolaji Dawodu, Agnes Lloyd-Platt, Leandro Farina, Sonia Rentsch, Gemma Tickle, and Owen Silverwood, managing every aspect of shoot production in-house.

At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to be chosen among many art shipping companies to work with East and provide this superb agency and its artists with a whole range of art logistics services. Their straightforward and professional approach is second to none!