Early and Mid-Career Artists at Lesley Heller Gallery

Moving artwork for the best NYC galleries is an incomparable pleasure! After all, what other job can provide so many excellent opportunities to deal with exceptional art pieces by the world’s most prominent artists? At Fine Art Shippers, we do enjoy every day moving artwork and other valuable items for our clients across the Tri-State Area and beyond. Moreover, this applies not only to works by such masters as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Andy Warhol but also to paintings and sculptures by lesser-known yet really talented contemporary artists from around the world, like those represented by Lesley Heller Gallery. Our team was lucky to visit this beautiful gallery when moving artwork for Art d’Aurelle.

Lesley Heller Gallery

Initially opened in Soho in 1994, Lesley Heller Gallery is now one of the most reputable galleries in New York’s Lower East Side neighborhood. Moreover, it is a superb place to purchase art by some of the most talented early and mid-career American and international artists. For today, Lesley Heller Gallery represents such talents as Nicole Awai, Daniel Wiener, John Torreano, Drew Shiflett, Keisha Scarville, Cyrilla Mozenter, and Nene Humphrey, offering everything from paintings and prints to sculptures and video installations. It is indeed a great place to come and enjoy contemporary art!

Our art moving company highly recommends Lesley Heller Gallery and its fantastic exhibitions of works by early and mid-career artists! You are sure to find there something very special to your taste!