Different Types of Cardboard Shipping Boxes and Their Uses

carton box

The equation of shipping containers is incomplete without the mention and use of cardboard shipping boxes for paintings. Whether it is for transporting fine artwork or other parcels, these boxes are ideal for various uses under different circumstances. Here we explore various forms of shipping boxes and their suitable use when planning to ship your goods.

Packing Wallets

The first form of cardboard shipping boxes for paintings is the packing wallet. These boxes are ideal for shipping shallow items. They also let you place your items in their center for convenient packaging.

Die Cut Self-Locking Boxes

These packing solutions are self-locking and suitable for carrying smaller shipments. It is easy to assemble and customize them to fit your personal fine art shipping and packaging needs.

Packing Cartons

They are the most popular of all cardboard boxes in the shipping and packaging industry. Moreover, you can book them from the manufacturer to suit your personal packaging needs in terms of length, width, and size. If you require printing, you can also order them to bear your name as a way of advertising your business and keeping your name imprinted in the mind of customers.

Archive Boxes

Another type of cardboard box you need to know about is the archive box. These boxes are widely used in fine art packing services; they can either come with lids or as single pieces. If you are looking for a box that you can store or stack for a long time, then this option is the best bet for such uses. Additionally, they are cheaper because it is easy to manufacture them compared to other types of storage and shipping containers.

Full Overlap

The last kind of box we shall look at is the full overlap. This packaging solution has flaps that cover it completely at the top and base, creating a complete overlap, hence its name. Its overlapping ability makes it strong when you assemble it and is suitable for packing heavy contents. Depending on your unique preferences and needs, you can order them and print your company name on them. Moreover, they can either come stitched or glued, which also guarantees the flexibility of choice.

So far, you are up to date with various types of cardboard shipping boxes for paintings and your other forms of cargo. We hope these insights will help you to choose the right type that suits your needs.