Detour Gallery – A Contemporary Art Center in Red Bank, NJ

Detour Gallery is a contemporary art center located at 24 Clay Street in Red Bank, NJ. It was opened by the businessman and arts patron Kenneth Schwartz in 2016. Not an artist himself, Schwartz has always been fond of art, striving to help emerging artists in his hometown. He did a lot of traveling around the globe and was really inspired by how many abandoned objects were renovated into art spaces there; that’s how he came with an idea of restoring an old warehouse in Red Bank and turning it into a gallery.

A Must-Visit Contemporary Art Center in Red Bank

It took two years to reconstruct a 9,000-square-foot building that did not have a plumbing system and needed a complete roof renovation. As a result, this abandoned warehouse with nearly 80 years of history is now a piece of art itself. Its new look is beautifully complemented by “Lunchtime on a Skyscraper,” an astonishing sculpture by Sergio Furnari, which can be spotted outside.

Detour Gallery has three main exhibition spaces accommodating the most dazzling pieces of art. The main goal of this contemporary art center is improving the recognition of artists’ versatility and uniqueness, helping them grow and feel appreciated. A great variety of art is displayed at the gallery. These include works of abstract, urban, pop, street, photography, folk, outsider, realistic, and hyper-realistic art, among others. Detour Gallery represents such rising stars as Julia Rivera, Willie Torbert, Kate Gabrielle, Michael LaBua, Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen, Nady Gepp, Jason Bryant, Eugene Ivanov, Ståle Gerhardsen, Holly Suzanne Rader, and other contemporary talents. It also features works by many famous artists, including Auguste Rodin, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Calvin Balis, Julio González, and Le Pho.

It is also worth noting that Detour Gallery offers a virtual walk through the gallery in 3D, giving everyone an opportunity to explore the space and see many amazing artworks that are currently on display.