Cross-Country Art Shuttle Salt Lake City – Chicago – New York

Art shuttle

Fine Art Shippers proudly offers a diverse range of art shuttle options to meet any need of the art community. Our shuttles cover the entire country, going from New York to Los Angeles, Miami to Chicago, Houston to Denver, Santa Fe to Seattle, and many more. One of them is now on its way to Utah, from where it will go to New York. We are planning stops in Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Detroit, but other stops are possible as well if requested by our clients. Below you will find some details about our cross-country art shuttle and why it is the best way to ship fine art interstate.

Cross-Country Art Shuttle Salt Lake City – Chicago – New York

The art shuttle Salt Lake City – Chicago – New York is the next step of our consolidated art shuttle that left NYC on May 17. It has already visited Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, San Francisco, and Seattle, and will soon be in Salt Lake City. Throughout the route, we have been picking up and delivering art items for artists, art galleries, and collectors, helping them transport delicate and fragile pieces from one state to another. In Salt Lake City, we will also have a stop to deliver fine art and pick up those items that need to be transported to the Midwest and the East Coast.

From Salt Lake City, our cross-country art shuttle will go to Chicago, passing through Omaha in Nebraska. After leaving Chicago, we will head to New York City, with a short stop in Detroit. On our way to the East Coast, we will also be able to visit Cleveland. Stops in other cities can be made on request.

Our cross-country art shuttle is not only the safest and most secure way of shipping art items interstate but also the most affordable one, as the cost of shipping is split between different shippers. For an accurate shipping cost, please fill in a special form on our website or contact our team directly. We will be happy to hear from you!