Creative Ways of Getting Painting Ideas

They say that it is possible to resist an army of men but not an idea whose time has come. For an artist, generating maritime painting ideas or ideas for any other form of painting is critical. However, no artist flows in continuous inspiration because we have times when the “well” of inspiration dries. But how can you maintain a steady flow of oil painting ideas to express your artistic genius when the occasion demands? The remaining sections of this post will expose some of the ways of doing so.

Look Behind You

The first way of generating fine art painting ideas for your maritime painting is looking behind and standing on the shoulders of your predecessors. By looking at what other painters did, you can gain inspiration to develop an enhanced version that over 99% of your audience hardly know it existed. You only need to look at the painting, take the ideas, and improve what they did to get the best of it.

Look Around You

Next, look around to get an idea of what you want to paint. Besides looking at what people have done all around you, nature is rich with ideas. Since maritime painting does not have any restrictions to what you can paint, check your environment to draw inspiration. When you look around, do you see anything that excites you? Do you see things that disgust you and you would like to speak out against them? You can use your dislike or like for what you see around to express your artistic genius and reach the hearts of your audience.

Ask, and You Will Receive

Who said that being a great painter means becoming an island? You can sharpen your idea-generation instinct by talking to people around you. Also, you can consult fellow artists about what they think to get an idea of what you can paint. For instance, you could go to the nearest ghettos and ask its inhabitants about what they dislike or would like to communicate to the outside world. This way, you would be shocked how many rich ideas the people around you could be harboring but they just lack the artistic genius to bring out those ideas.

Enhance Your Previous Ideas

Lastly, you can build on your previous paintings to generate better fine art ideas for your career.

With these idea-generation ideas, we hope you will keep your inspiration well-watered. Try them out and see.