Contemporary Russian Art at Want Art Gallery

Fine Art Shippers works with many Russian artists, both in Russia and the United States. We also specialize in the transportation of antique Russian icons and religious artifacts, serving museums, collectors, and various institutions. Russian art is unique, diverse, and very interesting, and it is always a pleasure to see works by Russian artists in NY galleries. For example, a great selection of contemporary Russian art is presented at Want Art Gallery on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Want Art Gallery

Want Art Gallery is a by-appointment-only gallery specializing in contemporary Russian art. It was founded in 2017 by Mila Akopova, an experienced art curator and entrepreneur who splits her time between New York and Moscow. Want Art Gallery is committed to promoting works by mid-career and emerging international artists, with a focus on Russian art. In particular, the gallery represents such contemporary talents as Natalia Sitnikova, Daria Kotlyarova, Nikita Makarov, and Yuriy Grigoryan.

Besides, Want Art Gallery helps Russian artists get discovered within the global art scene, showcasing their works at various art fairs and shows held in New York and Miami. For example, the gallery participates in Art Miami, CONTEXT Art Miami, Reveal Art Fair, SCOPE New York, and some other international art events that bring together art business professionals and collectors from around the world.

If you are looking to acquire quality contemporary Russian art, we highly recommend that you contact Want Art Gallery. They are sure to offer something special for your collection!