ChART Contemporary Consulting

ChART Contemporary Consulting is a private art advisory, collection management, and curatorial platform with locations in Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, and Dallas. Aimed at bringing together people and art, it is distinguished by its innovative approach to exhibition planning, events, and art appreciation.

ChART Contemporary Consulting started in 2008 as a small team of Asian art specialists but has grown to become a large network of experts in contemporary art and design, operating all over the world. The company is mostly known for its art advisory services, with a focus on emerging artists and markets. ChART Contemporary Consulting can help with the acquisition of any piece of art, taking care of every single step of the process, from selection to negotiation to white glove art delivery.

In addition to its art advisory services, ChART Contemporary Consulting also provides professional collection management and art conservation services performed by the best specialists in Asia, Europe, and the United States. In particular, the company has extensive experience in creating customized art collection systems, managing artwork maintenance and conservation programs, preparing condition reports for insurance purposes, and more.

It is also worth noting that ChART Contemporary Consulting offers curatorial assistance in each of its locations. The company has already handled many art projects and exhibitions, including Open House, a series of pop-up exhibitions that present works by emerging Chinese artists.

Whether you are looking for art advisory, collection management, or curatorial services, ChART Contemporary Consulting is, without a doubt, a good option. Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!