Books That Can Help Fine Art Movers Expand Their Expertise

Books That Can Help Fine Art Movers Expand Their Expertise

Fine art movers are the key persons involved in the preservation of the precious cultural heritage of humanity. It’s pretty scary to recollect all the dreadful instances of permanent loss and damage of rare, unique cultural objects because of careless handling or harmful packaging materials. That’s why the role of expertise and continuous learning among fine art movers should never be underestimated, as a qualified shipper is a guarantee of your precious belongings’ intactness.

But how can one become a professional in this sphere? How can fine art movers grow their expertise and deepen their knowledge of the shipping industry? Here are a couple of must-read books that don’t relate directly to the fine art handling sphere but expand the understanding of fine art intricacies and make every careful reader a better professional.


Books That Can Help Fine Art Movers Expand Their Expertise

The books we’ll discuss further are not specifically about art handling. Yet, they open the backstage of art operations in museums, galleries, and other fine art establishments to give a better idea of the role a fine art handler plays in the process of securing global cultural heritage.

Museum Collections Management: A Handbook by F. Matassa

This is a detailed, hands-on guide to managing museum collections and handling art at all stages, from storage to display. The author dives deep into the commonly accepted practices of caring for artworks when they are exhibited, shipped, and prepared for storage.

Museum Operations: A Handbook of Tools, Templates, and Models by S. D. Owens and A. B. Johnson

Museums are complex structures that operate in line with a huge network of regulations, requirements, and rules. This book is a great Introduction to the nuances of museum work, covering everything from object handling to exhibition planning and management of the museum’s art collections on a day-to-day basis.

The Art Gallery: A Global History by M. Bollaert

This book is a comprehensive guide to the history of art galleries’ emergence across the world and their evolution from small collections to state-operated and private hubs of art. The author traces the changing roles of art galleries in the cultural landscape of their locations and the broader global impact.

These are the books we sincerely recommend for reading and encourage our fine art movers to study in depth. These materials are your secret door to the hidden world of fine art management, and they are sure to deepen your appreciation of the labor various experts apply to store, ship, and manage art.