Blue-Chip Artworks at Ross + Kramer Gallery

Who said that high-end contemporary art can be found in museums only? If you are in New York, you have plenty of options where you can enjoy and even acquire blue-chip artworks by the world’s most prominent artists. For example, let us recommend Ross + Kramer Gallery, an outstanding fine art gallery in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan.

Ross + Kramer Gallery

Ross + Kramer Gallery is a beautiful fine art gallery aimed at exhibiting and bringing to market the best contemporary art, with a focus on blue-chip artworks by significant emerging and well-established artists from around the globe. It is exactly the place where you can find works by the most recognized Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero, the most famous anonymous street artist Banksy, the prominent American painter George Condo, the mother of polka dots Yayoi Kusama, and many other artists whose names are known throughout the world. Besides, Ross + Kramer Gallery features high-end art pieces by true masters of Impressionist and Modern Art, including Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edvard Munch, Henry Matisse, and Gustav Klimt.

With such a selection of international artists, Ross + Kramer Gallery is, without a doubt, one of the best galleries in New York to enjoy and acquire blue-chip artworks. Plus, Ross + Kramer Gallery has another location in East Hampton. So if you are planning a vacation in this upscale seaside resort, don’t miss a chance to visit the gallery and see the best contemporary art in a relaxed atmosphere!