Best Practices of Fine Art Relocation You Should Know in 2023

Best Practices of Fine Art Relocation You Should Know in 2023

Finding the right provider for your fine art relocation is always a challenge. You should use only top-quality criteria to choose the one who will treat your precious artwork carefully and professionally. That’s not the sphere in which risk and experimentation are reasonable, so you should always do your due diligence to spot the right company with adequately trained professionals. Here are some guidelines and best practices that can guide you in this process.

Correct Packaging

Comprehensive packaging is at the heart of careful and safe fine art relocation. Our art handlers usually arrive at the client’s location to package all fine art items before moving them to the destination. This way, we can ensure that all transported objects will remain intact during transportation, allowing us to assume full responsibility for their professional shipping. Besides, we try not to overuse packaging and opt only for the required minimum of packaging materials to keep our operations eco-friendly and sustainable.

Safe Handling

It’s vital to entrust delicate fine art objects only to trained and experienced art handlers, as only they know how to manage and pack each specific artwork type. Safety and delicacy are the key values we cherish at every step of moving artwork, and your packaged objects will be carefully transferred to the intended destination.

Climate-Controlled Shipping

Artwork is highly sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations, as well as exposure to UV light. That’s why it’s very important to guarantee a stable, sunlight-proof environment for the art object’s shipment. We provide a secure, fully equipped, and climate-controlled medium for moving your precious property interstate – our cross-country art shuttles are specifically meant for art transportation and meet the top industry standards of art moving vehicles.

Fine Art Shippers Can Become Your Dedicated Fine Art Relocation Partner

Working with Fine Art Shippers on your fine art relocation project is always a safe deal that will preserve your peace of mind, money, and time. We have a team of professional art handlers and can deal with any assignment with the attention and expertise it requires. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to talk about your shipping order, and you’re sure to receive a detailed consultation on all aspects of safe and delicate handling of your precious assets.