Beautiful Abstract Oil Paintings by Andy Woll

Being a professional fine art shipping company, Fine Art Shippers can ship art of any type. We can ship an oil painting, a huge stainless steel sculpture, an antique Chinese vase, and a whole range of other artworks. In fact, we can ship absolutely anything, no matter its size, shape, and weight. Moreover, we can ship it to anywhere on the planet thanks to our network of reliable partners in many countries worldwide. What’s more, we can not only ship an oil painting or any other artwork for you, but we can also help you choose the right item for your collection. Fine Art Shippers collaborates with many galleries in the United States, and we know much about contemporary art and artists working in various styles. For instance, let us tell you about Andy Woll, an emerging artist whose amazing abstract oil paintings definitely deserve your attention!

Andy Woll

Andy Woll (born 1984) is a Los Angeles-based artist who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design in 2007. He is largely known for creating a series of distinctive abstract oil paintings inspired by Mount Wilson. However, this talented artist also has many other interesting works that have already been exhibited at Night Gallery in Los Angeles, Denny Dimin Gallery in New York City, and other art galleries throughout the country.

At Fine Art Shippers, we look forward to working with Andy Woll! To ship an oil painting by this artist would be an honor for our team!