Art Storage in NYC: Debunking the Most Common Misconceptions

Art Storage in NYC Debunking the Most Common Misconceptions

If you are an art enthusiast who happens to live in New York, you know there is no shortage of companies providing art logistics services in the city. To help make art logistics a little more transparent for you, we are going to debunk some of the most commonly believed myths about art storage in NYC.

Art storage in NYC is expensive

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so naturally, you would expect to find extremely costly art storage options there. However, once you check out the service providers available, you will be pleasantly surprised with the range of cost-efficient offers. Art logistics companies understand the need for an art storage facility that will not put a hole in one’s pocket. You will find that storing artwork in such a facility can be even more cost-efficient than keeping it at home in the long run.

Only long-term storage options are available

A common misconception about art storage facilities is that they only provide long-term storage services. That is not true at all. Many art logistics companies keep their clients’ valuables in art storage units before shipping them off. That could take anywhere from a day to several weeks, so art storage in NYC is not necessarily time-bound. How long you keep your valuables in a storage unit fully depends on your needs and budget.

Storing artwork at home is a safer option

Let’s examine this statement. What do we mean when we talk about professional art storage? Usually, it includes things like a climate-controlled environment, security and supervision, and expert attention to each work of art. All of that is crucial to ensuring the safety of your valuables. But how easy is it to provide all of that in at-home storage setting? The answer is obvious: it is not easy. While you might like the idea of keeping your precious collection close by at all times, your home may be not a good fit for artwork storage. What was designed with human comfort in mind is not always suitable for delicate items. Besides, if you pick an art storage facility in New York, you will not have to drive too far to collect your possessions.

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