Art Storage in New York: How to Choose a Perfect Service

Art Storage in New York How to Choose a Perfect Service

Being a fine art collector requires a lot of effort, resources, and, most importantly, dedication. One does not simply start buying pieces without any preparation: collectors often think of their collections as investments, and that means they put a lot of thought into art acquisition every step of the way. After one has decided which artworks they want to have in their possession and how they will display them, it is time to think about the logistics. How are you going to transport the newly bought piece of art to a new location, and where are you going to store it? In the Big Apple, there are plenty of storage facilities: here is how to choose a service of art storage in New York.

Art Storage in New York: How to Choose a Perfect Service

Opt for art-related services

When looking for a storage facility, you might find many different options. However, not all of them are suitable for storing valuables. Make sure you pick a facility that specializes in art handling — that way you can be sure that your collection is dealt with by professionals. Many companies specifically focus on art logistics and art storage in New York.

Examine your art collection

Sculptures, oil paintings, and watercolor pieces, all require different preservation conditions. It is important to assess your collection before settling for an art storage facility. Make sure you know what each item is made of since you will have to provide the details to the company you are working with. The storage of your choice has to be able to accommodate all of the artworks and antiques you wish to store.

Choose experienced art handlers

To ensure all of your pieces are in safe hands, you have to always check the background of the art handling company beforehand: read the reviews, look at their social media, and make sure they have all of the accreditations necessary. One of the worst things you can do is trust someone inexperienced with your expensive and rare objects.

We hope that these tips will help you find suitable art storage in New York. If you struggle with deciding any point, never hesitate to ask your art handlers for additional information. You have an irrevocable right as a customer to demand transparency and to be confident in the services you are enlisting.