Art Storage and Handling Mistakes You Make Without Realizing

Art Storage and Handling Mistakes You Make Without Realizing

Mistakes are an inevitable part of learning something new. However, they should be avoided when it comes to something as valuable and fragile as fine art. Plus, some mistakes can crawl into your art storage and handling routine without you even realizing they are mistakes in the first place. Let us help you correct some of the errors you might be making and make sure your art collection is taken care of properly.

Art Storage and Handling Mistakes You Make Without Realizing

Storing art on the floor

If you have your paintings and sculptures stored directly on the floor of your storage space, you need to stop doing that immediately. Storing artworks on the floor might introduce excessive moisture to them and ruin their integrity. The same thing applies to leaning your art against art storage room walls. That might be a solution for when you need to quickly move something, but anything longer than that might cause damage to your art. If you do not have any storage space besides the floor, invest in additional shelves, cabinets, and other art storage systems.

Stacking heavy objects on top of each other

You might be tempted to stack framed paintings on top of each other to save space, but this is one of the worst things you can do. The higher the pile of framed artwork gets, the more weight the lowest piece has to bear. Putting pressure on your artwork might cause the glass frame to crack, scratch, or damage the painting or print it is supposed to protect. For a safer solution, find a box or a crate and store your framed artwork upright by putting foam dividers between each one.

Using the wrong art storage systems

It is easy to get lost in the various art storage systems available today. By using the wrong kind of storage solution, you can cause your art collection to age or deteriorate faster. For that reason, we suggest that you do your research or consult an expert in fine art handling before making any decisions.

Do you want to ensure your art collection is completely safe? By entrusting it to fine art moving specialists, you are bringing the chances of art storage and handling mistakes down to zero. Reach out to your local fine art logistics company to find an art storage solution that works for you.