Art Packing Misconceptions Dispelled by Professional Art Shippers

Art Packing Misconceptions Dispelled by Professional Art Shippers

Packing art is probably the most boring and yet one of the most integral parts of the shipping process. When people need to pack their artworks for the first time, they are often confused about how to secure the package so that it won’t get damaged during art transportation. The problem is that when people try to follow art packing tips from the internet, they usually foster popular myths instead. Below you will find common misconceptions dispelled by art shipping experts.

Art Packing Misconceptions Dispelled by Professional Art Shippers

Myth: The more packing materials you use, the better.

Fact: Quantity doesn’t equal quality. When you are packing a painting, these are the quality of materials and skills that matter, not the amount of materials you use.

Myth: All-purpose packing materials.

Fact: Some items, including bubble wrap and packaging foam, are compatible with different types of art. However, sometimes an art company needs to use specific supplies such as acid-free paper. Every situation is different.

Myth: Packing supplies can be used many times.

Fact: Reusing the same corrugated box time after time is dangerous for your art. Any art packing material loses its qualities and hence becomes less protective.

Myth: Eco-friendly packing materials are a myth.

Fact: In fact, most materials used in work are sustainable and recyclable. Compared to other areas of logistics, art logistics is one of the greenest.

Myth: Art packing services are not worth it.

Fact: Such misconception stems from overconfidence and lack of knowledge. Protecting works of fine art is not only a responsible but also quite complicated task. That is why such a job should be entrusted to professional art handlers and packers who know the aspects of the packing process.

Once you know more about packing myths and misconceptions, you can easily avoid them in daily life. Good luck!