Art Movers News: NYC Most Popular Young Artists

Even though New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is also its art capital. After all, you won’t find such a concentration of art museums and galleries anywhere else. This is also the reason why a new generation of artists prefers to live and work here, in The Big Apple. It’s the real chance for any of them to catch the world’s attention to their work, no matter whether it comes to painting or performance. However, let’s not forget that it is a hard job, but many young artists are doing it quite well. Art movers in NYC know that like no other. Being constantly engaged in the fine art shipping process, we see what other people may overlook, especially when it comes to young artists who are gaining increasing popularity with each passing year. Here is our top 4 list of the most popular young artists in New York!

1. Ki & Sei Smith

While these twin brothers are banned from the Whitney Museum of American Art for organizing a pop-up exhibition in the building’s back stairwell, they are still very popular today. Moreover, their works that push the boundaries of typical art are likely to appear in unexpected locations again.

2. Cy Gavin

Cy Gavin’s works are known for creating a buzz in the art world. His mixed-media surreal paintings that underline the problem of racism in America are distinguished by naked figures set in desolate landscapes. Being both dynamic and contemplative, they are undoubtedly worthy of the world’s attention.

3. Annina Roescheisen

Annina Roescheisen is a talented multimedia artist who lives and works in Paris and New York. Her creative practice includes video, sculpture, installation, still photography, painting, and drawing – all intended to promote expressive freedom and to break down the barriers of elitist thinking.

4. Chris Hood

Chris Hood’s unique method of painting on the reverse of the canvas, which recalls the color field painting of the 1960s, has made this artist renowned not only in New York but also around the world. It is no wonder that his works are widely exhibited in galleries and cultural centers across the city.

These four young artists have caught the attention of the art movers in NYC. Their innovative works inspire and convince other artists that they can also achieve success in The Big Apple. Meanwhile, we remind you that if you need a reliable art delivery service, do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. Affordable prices for aspiring artists are guaranteed!