Art Insurance: 5 Tips for Artists

Insurance Concept

Art insurance is a must-have for every professional artist, and for a reason. No one wants his or her hard work to go in vain. On the contrary, when you put your heart and soul into your art, most likely, you want it to be protected. So why put it all up to chance when there is a smart way out? All you actually need to do is to buy the right art insurance policy able to protect your artworks from loss or damage. Once you realize it, take advantage of the following tips that can be very useful for any artist!

1. Take photos

Whatever you create, buy, or sell – take a photo. From art supplies to ready-to-sell paintings, photos are the best proof of their existence. After all, in case of an issue, you will have a record of your art collection and expenses, and, therefore, will be able to provide evidence of your loss.

2. Keep an inventory of your artworks

Whether you prefer modern online systems or an old-fashioned method, inventory management is important. So organize the photos of your art pieces into a chronological archive. Don’t forget to include there all related information on their value, sale price, cost of creation, and so on. Thus, if anything happens, you will have an opportunity to show your art collection in its entirety.

3. Choose a reliable fine art insurance company

An average insurance company and a fine art insurance company are two different things. Therefore, if you want to protect your art the way it should be, then look for experts who know how to deal with fine art pieces, antique collectibles, jewelry, and so on. Please note that only a professional fine art insurance company has enough experience to address art claims if something happens.

4. Read the art insurance policy carefully

What if your artwork is ruined during transportation? What if a hurricane destroys your workshop with all art pieces? What about fire damage? You should actually think about all possible disasters and emergencies even if you don’t want to. Once you have a list of everything that may happen with your possessions, read your art insurance policy very carefully to ensure that it covers each point. Don’t forget about the fine print!

5. Do not skimp on your art insurance

Never skimp on the art insurance even if your finances are tight. They say, if the worst is going to happen, it will happen when you least need or want it to. Therefore, in order not to be left with nothing, buy as much as you can comfortably afford. After all, in case of damage or loss, you will receive at least some compensation.

In this way, art insurance is truly a must-have for every professional artist. So if you still don’t have it, it’s high time to fix this issue. Contact Fine Art Shippers, and we will help you choose the best package of insurance that suits your particular needs!