Art Delivery to Chicago: Shipping Fine Art Prints for Keith Sadler

Art Delivery to Chicago Shipping Fine Art Prints for Keith Sadler

Any seasoned art collector knows that once you start building your own collection, it is pretty much impossible to resist the force driving you to keep going. Some go as far as dedicating their entire living space to their love for art. Fine Art Shippers is honored to support collectors in their passion by providing art handling and art moving services. For professional fine art movers, there is nothing more exciting than collaborating with an inspired art connoisseur. In June, we had the pleasure of shipping fine art prints for Keith Sadler, an art collector who turned his one-bedroom home in Chicago into a gallery.

Art Delivery to Chicago: Shipping Fine Art Prints for Keith Sadler

Visiting the home of Keith Sadler is a riveting experience. It is unbelievable how many gorgeous works of art one apartment can fit. Once you step into Sadler’s home, you find yourself surrounded by the proof of impeccable taste and artistic eye of its owner. The walls of the collector’s home are lined with framed paintings and hanging sculptures. You can spend hours exploring this place because every single corner is filled with something eye-catching.

Art Delivery to Chicago: Shipping Fine Art Prints for Keith SadlerSadler has been collecting art for over twenty years. He started this journey in the 80s and since then has accumulated a unique art collection, with many works by self-taught and not-yet-well-known artists. Currently, Sadler’s collection features a 1920s carnival banner, several head sculptures made by grade-schoolers, and John F. Kennedy salt and pepper shakers, among many other exceptional items. The collector clearly has an appreciation for beauty in everything, not just classic fine art pieces.

In June, we had the pleasure of delivering two large silkscreen prints to Keith Sadler’s home by one of our art shuttles. The prints were purchased by the collector at Capsule Auctions in New York. Our team collected them after the sale and delivered them straight to Sadler’s door. Our staff has extensive experience shipping fine art prints of any size, so we completed the task with no issues.

Whether you need assistance with shipping fine art prints or large sculptures, Fine Art Shippers is here to help. Contact us to plan your own art pick-up or delivery. Our team is always ready to answer any of your questions.