“Art Crating Near Me,” or Where to Crate Your Artwork in New York

“Art Crating Near Me,” or Where to Crate Your Artwork in New York

“Art crating near me” is one of the most popular Google searches related to fine art packaging. Proper crating ensures that artwork is protected from damage, rough handling, dust, and other environmental factors. That’s why this service is always in high demand by curators, artists, and collectors. But what is meant by “proper”? Read our blog post for more details. 

If You Google “Art Crating Near Me,” We Have a Solution

An art crate is a specialized container designed to meet the unique needs of the artwork it is meant to protect. There are many nuances in the design of a crate, which ensure the artwork won’t be damaged during transit or storage in such a box. For example, it should be made of sturdy, durable wood or plywood materials such as pine, birch, or oak. The perfect crate is one that is custom-made, as customization ensures a snug fit and minimizes the risk of movement during transit. It should also be padded with foam or other soft materials on the inside to prevent direct contact between the artwork and the wood.

Fine Art Shippers has extensive expertise in building custom art crates. Our warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, is equipped with everything needed to build a wooden crate of any size. Our carpenters take the measurements of the item to be crated, cut the wood, assemble the crate, and finally add the hardware. Our team can also assist with packing and shipping your artwork if needed. In the end, we are sure that you will not regret choosing Fine Art Shippers.

People searching for “art crating near me” are not only looking for local services that specialize in preparing and securing artwork for shipping, storage, or exhibition purposes, but they are also looking for convenience and speed. That is why Fine Art Shippers offers an additional service: onsite art crating. This means that our carpentry experts will come to your location and build a crate right there. After that, they will pack the artwork into the crate. This saves you time and simplifies logistics. Onsite crating also eliminates the risks associated with transporting the artwork to a separate crating facility.

If you are still googling “art crating near me,” simply contact Fine Art Shippers by phone or email, and we will do our best to quickly prepare your artwork for the journey wherever you want it to go.