Antique Moving Services

Antiques are a somewhat time capsule of history that captures the essence of a previous era or a certain period in human society. Owning even a single antique item is an experience that words cannot explain. Such pieces are not only valuable in the monetary sense – they also have a unique aesthetic and sentimental value, which makes them irreplaceable and priceless for many people who want to preserve them at all costs. No wonder, antique moving leaves no room for mistake.

Whether it comes to moving vintage furniture, shipping fine art, or anything in between, you won’t find better services at a better price in NYC than those offered by Fine Art Shippers. By choosing us, you choose a shipping company that is completely aware of how to handle fragile items with the utmost care and caution. Working with antique pieces, we take into account every little detail, including the material they are made from, their rarity, beauty, age, and even the personal emotional connection you have with them. We always do everything to ensure your precious possessions reach their destination in their pristine condition.

What antiques we can move

  • Old Master paintings and other fine art pieces
  • Vintage books and photographs
  • Antique furniture and home décor
  • Collections of coins and medals
  • Family heirlooms and cherished keepsakes
  • Fragile ceramics and chinas
  • Antique statues of any size and weight
  • Collections of jewelry and luxury watches
  • Antique musical instruments

This list is not exhaustive, as our experience allows us to work with literally any type of antique and collectible items, from a vintage Steinway grand piano to extremely delicate porcelain figurines.

Our team of art shipping specialists, art handlers, and crate makers is equipped with all the required tools to guarantee that your possessions are never at risk. We also stand on the values of honesty, so you can easily count on us with transportation of even the most valuable items, like diamond jewelry and unique Picasso paintings. Even though we are a small father & son fine art shipping company, we work hard each day to satisfy every customer who chooses our services. Moreover, we do our best to make the process of antique moving easy and affordable for everyone. Call us now for more information or request a free quote by filling in the special form. The cost of our services is sure to exceed all your expectations!