Ancient Coins and Antiquities at Palmyra Heritage Gallery

New York is an amazing city for art lovers and collectors of unique artifacts. You can buy here everything from Old Master paintings to works by the most sought-after contemporary artists to antique Russian icons of museum quality. New York is also a perfect place to purchase ancient coins and authentic antiquities of exceptional value. There are many reputable antique dealers and stores throughout the city, but, at Fine Art Shippers, we want to recommend visiting Palmyra Heritage Gallery that has long been known for offering a wide range of original artifacts and antiques at very reasonable prices.

Palmyra Heritage Gallery

Palmyra Heritage Gallery is a family-owned and family-operated antique gallery that was opened in New York City in 1995. Located in Midtown East Manhattan, it offers an impressive selection of authentic ancient coins from numerous cultures. Besides, Palmyra Heritage Gallery specializes in Pre-Columbian, Byzantine, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian artifacts from different periods, providing its clients a unique opportunity to buy something truly exceptional for their private collections. The gallery also has a beautiful selection of Islamic art, books, and manuscripts. All of the items are acquired legally from private collections and estates, and all of them are legal to sell.

If you are looking for original ancient coins and authentic antiquities, Palmyra Heritage Gallery is an ideal place for you. Moreover, you don’t even need to personally visit the gallery in New York because many items are sold at auctions that are regularly held online. Very recommended!