Acrylic Swag Inc & The Talented Artist Dominic

Last month, our team was lucky to visit Spectrum Miami that was held in the Mana Wynwood space in Miami on December 5-9. It was a spectacular art show, with so many beautiful and at the same time inexpensive original art pieces presented by galleries and artists from around the world. For example, at Fine Art Shippers, we were happy to personally meet JC Cepeda and Camilo Pinto, two amazing Colombian artists represented at Spectrum Miami 2018 by Ralwins Art Gallery. Besides, it was a pleasure for our team of professional art handlers to get acquainted with the work of Dominic who is often called the most talented young artist in South Florida.


Dominic is just 19 years old, but he already creates incredible paintings in his very own “spontaneous realism” style. This talented person can do portraits, landscapes, murals, commission work, just about anything you want him to paint. Each artwork is unique and really breathtaking due to the use of the most vibrant colors that can change literally any room or space, adding to it more happiness and style. Dominic is a very young artist, but he is a true professional in everything he does. It is no wonder that his inexpensive original art is already a success.

Acrylic Swag Inc

Dominic is represented by Acrylic Swag Inc, an exclusive management company aimed at supporting and promoting this amazing artist, as well as selling his inexpensive original art. Besides, Acrylic Swag Inc also represents GRLA, an exciting clothing line named after the owner’s English bulldog Gorilla. This brand is all about mixing clothing with art and making limited edition t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, hats, and different accessories as unique and eye-catching as Dominic’s vibrant art. It is indeed a very interesting art concept. Definitely worth your attention!