7 Famous Artists Who Started Their Career at College

7 Famous Artists Who Start Their Career at College

If we take our time to explore some of the famous artists that could make it big and receive recognition, it will be relatively easy to learn that most of them had started their careers while still in college. Without a doubt, many big names in history are self-taught and did not even visit an art school, yet it’s far not always the case. The talk is not about what is better or worse. What we are trying to show is that earning a degree can be quite helpful and teach you how to address your strengths and learn what you can do.


7 Famous Artists Who Started Their Career at College

1. David Shrigley

As a visual artist and painter, David Shrigley is known for his cartoons and animation work. He holds a Glasgow School of Arts degree, which makes him proud, as he often mentions that it has helped him to become a wide-minded person.

2. Gillian Wearing

As a graduate of the famous Goldsmiths, Gillian Wearing did not have her hopes high, as she did not even think she would become an artist. As she had it quite hard, she doesn’t like to be reminded of her college days. Now, if you are struggling as well, you may consider WritingUniverse as one of the solutions for all of your writing and editing challenges. As an artist, you will master the art of analysis and strategic thinking where all the things one learns as a college student will help.

3. Tracey Emin

As a graduate of the Royal College of Art, Tracey Emin is an artist who tends to explore various uncommon and adult subjects. Aiming for large oil paintings, she likes to cross borders and go beyond what is commonly accepted. Her Philosophy degree has actually taught her how to protect herself and granted her a role of a youth tutor.

4. Gavin Turk

Graduating from the Royal College of Art, Gavin Turk is a traditional artist who is inspired by the English Heritage School. Although he failed his degree once, he did not give up and continued with his studies until he became an established artist.

5. Tacita Dean

A Falmouth Art School graduate, Tacita Dean joined the Fine Arts and Painting courses. She believes that education is what helped her to survive and stay aware of what true art is. Her college times helped her learn more about Mythology and inspired her to read and explore as she promoted her works.

6. Conrad Shawcross

A Ruskin School of Art bachelor’s degree makes Conrad Shawcross especially proud, as he could follow and explore not only the art of painting but also metaphysics, photography, and architecture. Although he couldn’t live with all the rules and regulations, college life still helped him learn how to expand and develop his skills. Shawcross hasn’t become an architect, but he has become an artist instead.

7. Mark Wallinger

Goldsmiths once again, which is not surprising. As a graduate of English literature and Fine Arts, Mark Wallinger reflects his knowledge in his works. He worked in the bookshop and then got a teaching job. It helped him survive and learn how to make his art matter.

Before the Fame Strikes

Now, you have all the chances of becoming famous these days if you establish strong networking connections and stay active on social media. Essentially, it does not mean showcasing your art all the time and pasting it literally everywhere. Quite on the contrary. The trick is to create intrigue and provide your audience with a professional attitude and interest. Participate in campaigns, think about environmental or social aspects, keep on learning new tricks, and you will eventually learn what works best for you. When people start recognizing your hard work and dedication, you will control the process.

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