5 Packing and Shipping Myths That People Still Believe

5 Packing and Shipping Myths That People Still Believe

Despite the years of practical experience and common knowledge, people still tend to believe myths, no matter what area or industry you take into account. While it is not something catastrophic, information based on misconceptions or half-truths doesn’t have any value and often harms those who rely on it. Art logistics is no exception. There are still quite a few packing and shipping myths that are alive and kicking, and there is probably no way to put an end to them.

The changes, though, start with you, so let’s check yourself and see whether you are immune to the falsehood. Here are some beliefs that you may still think to be valid.

5 Packing and Shipping Myths That People Still Believe

White glove delivery is the same thing as other services

Often, people get confused when they hear about white glove movers as someone who do things differently than other shippers. The truth is that they do differ. White glove moving has always been an advanced level of transport safety, which is why the service is so valued among antique collectors. Hardly every company is competent enough to offer white glove delivery.

Any packaging materials can be used

The newspaper instead of packing paper and towels instead of filler materials? It is how packing and shipping myths may turn things into disaster. Using low-quality supplies and choosing materials not for the purpose intended is a great mistake that might well negatively impact the safety of a package.

Packaging is expensive and unsustainable

Speaking of packaging materials, some people believe that they are too expensive. The right wording will be “purpose worthy.” Moreover, logistics is now marching into a greener future, so more and more materials get eco-friendly.

Damaged artworks can be restored anyway

First, insurance is a must if you transport valuable artworks. Second, don’t let excuses get in your way and make you invest less time and money into packing or transportation. Not every canvas and sculpture can be restored. More than that, it usually costs like a new artwork itself. Keep your priorities straight.

Art handling services are not worth it

That’s the old one. To disprove the statement, one can simply hire regular movers and dedicated art shippers to compare. The results will speak for themselves.

Packing and shipping myths, no matter how many of them you encounter, cannot stand critical thinking and the desire to verify the information. Remember this before you see someone’s piece of advice on the internet.