4 Essential Services You Need When Moving Art Paintings to Miami

4 Essential Services You Need When Moving Art Paintings to Miami

Whether you are an art collector moving to Florida from another state or an artist who needs to deliver a series of paintings to an art fair, you will probably need an array of professional services to make sure that the transportation goes as smoothly as possible. As an expert art logistics company, we know everything about the challenges of moving art paintings to Miami, and we are happy to share some tips with you.

4 Essential Services You Need When Moving Art Paintings to Miami

Art transportation

This might seem obvious, but art transportation is not as simple as you might think. Within the broad area of logistics services, there are a lot of details to be accounted for. Are you shipping art paintings to Miami from another part of the country or from a nearby city? How many works of art are you planning to move? What are their sizes? Do you prefer individual or consolidated transportation? You have to be able to answer all of these questions before making a deal with an art logistics company.

Art insurance

Insuring your artworks is the most important thing you should do before even thinking about moving them. Art logistics companies often require you to purchase full insurance for your art before providing services to you. To simplify the search, you can ask your art shippers about insurance requirements and costs.

Art packing and crating

Before getting loaded into a truck and shipped, all artworks should be properly packed. Packing techniques might vary from one piece to another: for example, small and mid-sized paintings in standard frames can be shipped in cardboard boxes, while large and high-value artworks will likely need to be transported in custom wooden crates. Art packing is often challenging to do on your own if you have no experience, so it is better to ask your art movers to help.

Art installation

Putting a hook on a wall and hanging a painting on it might look easy at first glance. However, there is more than one way to install a piece, and professional art handlers can assist you in picking the right art installation method.

Of course, this is not a complete list of services you might need. When choosing a fine art company to ship art paintings to Miami, always ensure that your art handlers can cover all your needs.