Your Detailed Checklist for Shipping Artwork Internationally

Your Detailed Checklist for Shipping Artwork Internationally

When it comes to shipping artwork internationally, things get a bit more complicated compared to domestic transportation. When your art travels inside the state or even across states, you don’t need excessive documentation to have it delivered to another destination. However, for cross-border shipment, you will need to deal with customs and consider international legislation on artwork transportation. Here are the main points you should keep in mind when getting your objects ready for the distant trip.

Shipping Artwork Internationally: A Collector’s Checklist

To ensure that your artwork travels safely and isn’t blocked at customs, you have to include the following points in your preparation checklist.

Thorough Packaging

It is essential to package your artwork comprehensively because it may change many hands during an international transfer. Thus, we recommend using acid-free, professional packaging materials and sturdy boxes to protect the object from damage, bumps, or scratches. It’s also necessary to crate the artwork for international transit.

Package of Documents

Artwork is usually an object of high value, so it should travel with the full package of accompanying documents. These often include a commercial invoice that states the value of the artwork and its full description, export and import licenses (if applicable), and a customs declaration. Sometimes, you also need to include proof of provenance and ownership.

Corresponding Insurance Policy

You need to buy a comprehensive insurance plan for your artwork that will cover it from damage, loss, or theft at all stages of transportation and in all countries of its transit. This way, you will have peace of mind about protecting your financial interests.

Taxes, Duties, and Customs Rules

Do your due diligence to study the potential tax and duty obligations that you might have when importing your artwork to another country. It makes sense to hire a local customs broker who is more knowledgeable about all these aspects and can calculate the costs and arrange all documents without hassle.

Contact Fine Art Shippers to Organize a Smooth Trip for Your Artwork

Fine Art Shippers can organize the entire process of shipping artwork internationally on your behalf, thus ensuring that it departs safely from New York. We can package it on-site with safe art packing materials and perform custom crating of the artwork in our professional workshop. The team of trained art handlers will collect the object from your location and deliver it to the departure point in line with the highest safety standards.