Why Professional Relocation Services Are Necessary

sailing ship paintings

Transporting sailing ship paintings, antique sculptures, pieces of furniture, old musical instruments, and other things may be extremely challenging. All of these pieces of art are valuable, and they can enrich your collection and serve you and your children for decades. Therefore, if you need to relocate them somewhere, you must think about how to transport them quickly and without any damages. The best solution is to hire professional movers because these items need due attention and care.

Things That Need Special Handling

Although one may think that it is easy to relocate everything on one’s own, some items need special care due to several reasons. Here are some of them:  

  • Paintings.

Your favorite sailing ship paintings or watercolors hanging in the dining room need special handling due to materials they are made of. Any painting is sensitive to high humidity, high temperature, and mechanical damages; therefore, it is better to relocate them in special packing with professional help. Remember – paintings may hang for years in your house without changing much, but transporting can damage them very quickly.

  • Sculptures.

Sculptures are heavy and cannot be dismantled; therefore, you may not relocate them without professional handling. Similar to sailing ship paintings, they also need individual packing. In addition, they need good fixation in a vehicle during transportation. Sculptures also require installation and reinstallation procedures. Therefore, it is much better to delegate this painstaking task to professionals who have enough experience and resources to make everything right.

  • Antique furniture.

Antique furniture is another troublesome item to transport. The main difference of antique furniture from the modern pieces is that antique pieces of furniture cannot be dismantled like the usual ones. Moreover, the size of this furniture often differs, so individual packing taking into account all dimensions may be needed.

  • Piano.

Piano shipment is considered one of the most laborious and responsible task due to the following reasons. First, piano cannot be dismantled and it is very heavy, especially an old one. Second, piano is a very sophisticated and complex musical instrument that may detune as a result of improper transportation.

To conclude, only professional art handlers know how to treat various artworks including your favorite sailing ship paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, and different musical instruments like a heavy old piano. Moreover, professional shopping companies always offer appraisal procedures and insurance to guarantee safety of your belongings in any situation.