Why Art Couriers Are Essential for Safe and Secure Art Transportation

Why Art Couriers Are Essential for Safe and Secure Art Transportation

Whenever you need to have one of your precious art objects or an entire collection shipped to another city or place, you have two options to consider. The first one is doing this on your own, which is pretty risky if you don’t have specialized training and knowledge of art handling techniques. The second one is hiring professional art couriers. Here is a brief breakdown of the benefits you get by engaging with professional art handlers.

What Can You Expect from Well-Trained Art Couriers?

The range of services that couriers specializing in art handling can provide is very broad. Thus, you can always expect end-to-end coverage of all your needs related to art packaging, shipping, and handling.

Expertise with Artwork Objects

When you hire specialized art courier services, you can expect to deal with people with specialized training and inside-out knowledge of safe and effective packaging materials suitable for your particular art object.

Custom Packaging

Another benefit of working with couriers who know how to handle art is their ability to offer tailored packaging for specific art types and objects. Such professionals assess the artwork’s age, condition, and materials to choose the custom packaging solution on an individual basis. If packaging is done with proper respect to the artwork’s nuances, you may rest assured that your property will travel safely and will be protected against the harmful effects of environmental factors.

Advanced Security Measures

Only experienced art handlers can guarantee secure transportation because they have specialized vehicles. For example, we at Fine Art Shippers use a climate-controlled art shuttle to move your art interstate without safety concerns. Art movers follow rigorous safety protocols when moving artwork; they know how to perform loading, unloading, and other stages of shipment securely.

Full Liability for Your Property’s Safety

Professional couriers whom you hire to ship art cover the shipped objects with relevant insurance policies that protect your interests during transit. They also perform professional liability management so that all issues (even if they arise) are compensated in a timely manner.

Fine Art Shippers Has an Expert Art Courier Team for You

If you’re looking for experienced and careful art couriers, you can get them at Fine Art Shippers. We take due care to hire only vetted experts for the team. Thus, you will always receive top-notch service, starting from on-site art packaging and ending with its safe dispatch at the destination point. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to book a safe trip for your belongings.