What Makes a Perfect Wooden Crate for Art? Secrets to Success

What Makes a Perfect Wooden Crate for Art

If you have seen artwork delivered to an event, you might have noticed what packaging they arrive in. Works of art are often encased in wooden crates to protect them during transportation. This type of packaging is considered one of the most secure and safe options for shipping fragile items because they are sturdy and customizable. Here is what constitutes a perfect wooden crate for art transportation.

What Makes a Perfect Wooden Crate for Art? Secrets to Success

Suitable materials

Half of the success in building a reliable wooden crate for art shipping is choosing the right materials. Art crates are not just wooden boxes — they are composed of several layers, and you may need different supplies for each one of them. Be it the outside hard shell or the inside cushioning layer, they should be made from high-quality materials. In addition, not all packaging supplies are suitable for artwork transportation. Thus, the materials used for the construction of an art shipping crate should be chosen carefully.

Meticulous measuring

Measuring is a crucial step in the crate-building process. The item that is being shipped should be precisely measured because art crates are custom-made. Measuring a work of art wrong may result in the art crate not fitting it, which might lead to a catastrophe. And the crate being too small is not even the worst issue here. The packaging that is too big for the piece might put it in danger during transit. There should never be too little or too much space in an art shipping crate. Items should not be able to move around inside it, and there should always be enough distance between them and the crate walls to fill it with cushioning material.

Professional execution

One cannot overlook the role that professional art handlers play in the success of the transportation process. Art crates should only be constructed by experienced professionals who know the correct technique and how to treat delicate works of art. Any mistake made by an amateur carpenter may be critical. Wooden art crates should never be built by someone who does not have the necessary training or experience.

To conclude, a perfect wooden crate for art transport should be made from proper materials, fit the items perfectly, and be constructed by experts. When these three requirements are met, you can rest assured that your precious valuables will be safe throughout the entire trip.