What Does It Take to Move Art to Another State or Country?

What Does It Take to Move Art to Another State or Country

People move art across locations for many reasons. You may be moving to a new house or relocating your office to another district. At times, your fine art belongings may participate in an exhibition or fair in another state or get ready for an international shipment after you sell them to another collector. So, the instances of moving your fine art property may be varied, but the procedure of getting them ready for shipping is generally the same. Here are the nuts and bolts of arranging safe, well-organized transportation of fine art items.

Steps to Take Before You Move Art to Another Location

Artworks are delicate and fragile; their cultural and monetary value goes far beyond their physical dimensions or the materials from which they are made. That’s why you need to take proper steps to prepare these objects for safe, fully protected shipping at any distance.


The value of artwork depends on many criteria, such as the artist, age, and rarity. Paintings and sculptures can reach enormous figures in evaluation if they were crafted by Old Masters and the world’s famous geniuses. That’s why you can’t take the risks of moving these objects without proper initial appraisal. By documenting the art object’s initial condition, you may secure your financial interests in case it gets scratched or damaged during transit.


Getting specialized art shipping insurance is also a must for expensive, exquisite art objects. Your property may change many hands during transportation, and each stage of art handling conceals hidden risks and dangers. That’s why having an insurance policy is an extra layer of security and protection; it will ensure you’re adequately compensated if the art object gets lost, damaged, or destroyed as a result of an emergency.


All art objects need to be carefully packaged in line with professional standards so that they are fully protected from mechanical damage or shocks in transit. Well-trained art handlers will select the type of packaging suitable for your art object type, covering its surface with acid-free materials and arranging its proper cushioning.

Reliable Shipper Selection

Whenever you need to move art to another place, don’t take chances or play games with this serious endeavor. Talk to the team of Fine Art Shippers to decide on the best packaging and shipping mode for your fine art collection, depending on the length and complexity of transit. We’re ready to help you with any art shipping challenge.