Today’s Miami: Edison Peñafiel’s Temporary Installation Exhibition

Today’s Miami: Edison Peñafiel’s Temporary Installation Exhibition

Miami Art Week has much reserved for the art fairs’ visitors, art collectors, and art aficionados interested in art-related events, exhibitions, and so much more. One notable event that can’t skip anyone’s attention is the opening of a temporary installation exhibition by the famous Latin American artist Edison Peñafiel. Here is a brief overview of the public exhibition, with the top reasons to make it a must-see destination point this winter.

Who Is Edison Peñafiel?

Edison Peñafiel is an Ecuador-born artist who moved to the USA in 2002. He obtained a degree in Fine Arts and Art History from Florida International University’s Fine Arts program. Since that moment, Peñafiel has authored several significant large-scale projects. This award-winning artist is famous for site-specific, immersive installations at many signature locations, including the Orlando Museum of Art, the Elsewhere Museum, and the Bass Museum. His major focus is on immigrant and laborer stories, with an effort to illustrate marginalized narratives.

What to Expect from Peñafiel’s Installation Exhibition?

The exhibition under the name “Run Run Run Like the Wind” opened on December 4, 2023, at Harry Liebman Square in Miami Beach. Visitors should get to the corner of Pine Tree Drive and 41 Street, where all the exhibits are neatly organized by Edison Peñafiel. The exhibition features colored flags with fragments of Latin American protest songs of the 1960s-1970s, authored by such renowned artists as Victor Jara and Violeta Parra, fusing English with Haitian Creole to symbolize the intricacies of acculturation. It is a touching story of the Latin American population’s struggles, including the losses and benefits connected to migration and the unique challenges Latinx people have been facing in the USA.

Other Events to Include in Your Agenda

Definitely, this installation exhibition is only a starting point of the vibrant swirl of artistic events awaiting all attendees of Miami Art Week. If you fall for art and want to see more of the signature art anchors in Miami this December, here is a short list of other must-see venues and events:

  • No Vacancy, Miami Beach presented at Miami Beach hotels
  • Holocaust Memorial at 1933-1945 Meridian Ave
  • Bounce, a curated group show at Oolite Arts
  • Art Outside, a public art exhibition organized by The Bass
  • Work Table(au), an architectural installation exhibition with finished and unfinished works by Jason R. Chandler at Washington Gallery

Each of these venues and events promises a unique esthetic experience, opening the multi-layer beauty of art from numerous perspectives of creatives. Don’t miss them!