Tips for Packing an Antique Clock for Shipping

If you are planning to ship an antique clock, you need to take all precautions to ensure it is delivered successfully and trouble-free. Antique clocks are extremely delicate and challenging to transport, especially without specific packing-related knowledge. Keep reading to learn some useful tips for proper and secure packing of these delicate items.

Tips for Packing an Antique Clock for Shipping

1. Inspect your clock

Do not attempt to ship an old clock without inspecting it first. Note and take photos of all the cracks, spots, dents, and weak screws. If you miss even a single weakness, it may lead to damage in transit.

2. Dismantle the clock

Before packing and shipping your antique clock, disassemble it carefully. Remove glass panels, wrap them with bubble wrap, and place them in a separate box with a “FRAGILE” label. Do the same with all the chains, cables, weights, etc.

3. Protect the corners

Corners are especially exposed to damage during transit, so carefully cover them with bubble wrap or another protective material. Do not forget to secure everything with packing tape.

4. Pack your clock into a wooden crate

Once you wrap all the components in bubble wrap and packing paper, place them into a sturdy wooden crate. We highly recommend avoiding cardboard shipping boxes and using crates instead because the latter give much more protection during transportation.

5. Hire a reliable shipping company

When shipping an antique clock, it is important to hire a reliable shipping company with experience in transporting delicate antiques. Such items are usually passed down from generation to generation and carry both monetary and sentimental value.

Here, at Fine Art Shippers, we would be happy to help you with packing, shipping, and even installing your valuable clock. Feel free to contact our company to discuss the details today!