The Winter Show: Art & Antiques Fair You Don’t Want to Miss

Every winter, art connoisseurs and collectors from across the globe crave an opportunity to come to the Park Avenue Armory to visit one of the most renowned New York events. We are talking about the ongoing Winter Show, an annual art and antiques fair that grabs public attention by showcasing exceptional art and design pieces that belong to various periods of history.

The Winter Show was established in 1955 when two enthusiastic antique dealers came up with the idea to create a fair as a fundraiser. The purpose of the event has not vanished, and today The Winter Show is one of the leading events of its kind in the whole United States. Serving as a benefit for East Side House Settlement, the revenues collected by this art and antiques fair are donated to the aforementioned organization that focuses its work on education and poverty alleviation.

Art & antiques fair not to miss!

The main objective of The Winter Show is to demonstrate how valuable and bottomless art is. The wide array of booths comprises artifacts and objects of Roman, Egyptian, European, Asian, and American folk cultures. Such a significant compilation of visual and decorative art allows the visitors to enjoy some really great works from both the past and present and think of the true value of art.

As one of the leading US antique fairs, The Winter Show not only features distinctive pieces of the art and design but also arranges a one-of-a-kind stage for people to spend time in the circle of professional artists, collectors, and antique dealers. The show includes different types of events, one of which is Connoisseurs Night, a charming and elegant meeting of the world’s most prestigious art and antique experts. If you have some free time this weekend, be sure to visit this fabulous fair. The Winter Show runs at the Park Avenue Armory through February 2.