How Climate-Controlled Art Storage in NYC Can Save Your Collection

How Climate Controlled Art Storage in NYC Can Save Your Collection

Winter is just around the corner, and we do not need to tell you that New York can get pretty chilly. But humans are not the only ones who must protect themselves from the cold. If you have art-collecting experience, you know that works of art are extremely delicate. That means that not only do you need to be careful when moving them, but they also have to be protected when standing still. Here is how climate-controlled art storage in NYC can protect your art collection during winter and all year round.

How Climate-Controlled Art Storage in NYC Can Save Your Collection

It is no secret that art can be incredibly sensitive to environmental changes. The specific conditions of artwork preservation vary from piece to piece. However, all works of art should always be protected from abrupt temperature fluctuations, excessive humidity, water, and direct sunlight.

To create a space where these conditions are preserved at home can be challenging. If you have tried setting up an art storage room in your apartment or house, you might have been surprised by how many changes you have to make. Even choosing a room for art storage can be tricky. A space suitable for storing artwork must have no direct sunlight and open vents. It should also have climate control and, preferably, have a lock to protect works of art from unwanted and careless visitors.

Considering all of the above, it is evident that opting for climate-controlled art storage in NYC is the best solution for any art collector. A professional art storage company will make sure that your art collection is safe by placing it in a climate-controlled unit specifically designed to store fragile works of art. Moreover, your artwork will be secure even while transported to the storage facility because art logistics experts ship their clients’ valuables in specially equipped trucks. Your precious belongings will also be protected by advanced security systems and alarms.

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