The Finest Archival Art Supplies from Art Boards

As an artist, you know that the quality of art materials and supplies makes a difference in the final product and, in many cases, determines the success of the artwork. This applies not only to paper, paints, inks, pencils, brushes, and other tools needed for the work but also to such items as art panels and canvas stretchers. They all should be of the highest quality if you want your art to be appreciated the way it deserves. Hence the question arises, where to find the finest archival art supplies in New York? At Fine Art Shippers, we would like to recommend the Brooklyn-based company Art Boards.

Archival Art Supplies from Art Boards

Art Boards is one of the best manufacturers of archival art supplies in New York. The company combines nearly 40 years of experience in design, art, furniture making, and architectural woodwork with the creation of premium quality art panels and boards to enable artists to paint on enduring surfaces, using an unlimited choice of art techniques and materials. Employing only the superior technology, materials, and methods, Art Boards produces the finest supplies for painting, drawing, mounting art, and printmaking, all crafted for perfection and engineered for excellence. The range of company’s products includes:

  • 5-layered archival wood painting panels;
  • art mounting panels;
  • oil primed linen panels;
  • gesso canvas panels;
  • plein air painting panels;
  • watercolor panels;
  • superior panel gesso;
  • glass mullers for pigments;
  • canvas stretchers;
  • wood engraving blocks;
  • sculpture base pedestals.

Art Boards is also known for producing unique art storage systems for organizing and storing art collections safely. Each system is modular and can be expanded to any size. Additional drawers, shelves, and sections can also be ordered if needed.

The Finest Archival Art Supplies from Art Boards

If you are looking for the finest art supplies at reasonable prices, Art Boards is the place you need. At Fine Art Shippers, we enjoy working with this outstanding company, and we highly recommend their products to everyone!

Photo credit: Art Boards/art-boards.com