The Fine Art Fair Moving Craft: Lessons from Three Decades of Work

The Fine Art Fair Moving Craft Lessons from Three Decades of Work

The fine art fair moving procedure is much more challenging than single-object transportation. As an art gallery owner or artist, you need to consider many additional shipping requirements and conditions, from the required space in the shipping vehicle to the schedule of art packaging, moving, and unpacking with subsequent art installation. That’s why you may need professional help to organize everything properly and avoid the waste of time, money, and nerves during this demanding project.

When Is Fine Art Fair Moving Necessary?

You may need this service as soon as you’re organizing an art fair and planning to display your artwork in some place away from the collection’s permanent location. It may be an art fair in a nearby town or a distant country; in any case, you will need to plan the whole transportation process thoroughly.

The first point to think of is the mode of transportation. Will transportation by land suit your purpose? Then, you need a specialized art shuttle to have your art collection shipped to a neighboring city or state. Will your artwork travel overseas? In this case, you need to choose sea or air transportation and take additional care of thorough packaging, international insurance, and the full documentation package for customs clearance.

What Services Does It Include?

As soon as you decide to ship art to the fair or exhibition, you may negotiate a large range of services with the provider. Most shipping companies are flexible in terms of the service spectrum. For instance, we at Fine Art Shippers offer art packaging service, customized art crating on demand, deinstallation and installation options, as well as artwork pick-up at the client’s location. Other supplementary services include various insurance types, from which you choose the ones you really need.

We Can Make Art Fair Transportation a No-Brainer

If the thoughts about fine art fair moving give you sleepless nights and nervous days, it’s probably time to delegate things to a trusted and reliable third-party provider. There’s no sense in risking your precious belongings by trying to handle everything on your own. Fine Art Shippers can complete the process of your art collection transportation in line with industry standards, safety precautions, and your individual preferences. Things get way simpler if you have a team of experts at your disposal. So, don’t mess up with fine art fair moving if you can have us do everything to get your art objects safely packaged, shipped, and installed at the destination point.