Installation Insurance: End-to-End Protection of Your Property

Installation Insurance End to End Protection of Your Property

Insurance is a necessary companion for your fine art objects during any travel. It’s always a wise idea to give your valuable property added coverage besides your love and consideration. Who will compensate for your trouble if the object gets accidentally damaged during transportation? Art insurance is thus a great option for all art owners wishing to secure their financial interests and peace of mind. It comes in many types, including transportation, storage, and installation insurance. In this article, we’ll familiarize you with one of these types – installation insurance – and will explain why and when you should consider using it.

What Kinds of Art Insurance Are There?

As we’ve just noted above, art insurance may be of different types. You should choose one or several of these types if you don’t want to pay for blanket insurance coverage, an all-in-one insurance option that secures your art object at all stages of its transportation and handling. Such a policy is usually more expensive than a specific one.

So, when you are planning long-term storage for your art object in an external storage unit, you need to organize storage insurance. When you’re having your artwork shipped from one location to another, a transportation insurance policy is required. Installation insurance is an option we at Fine Art Shippers also offer to clients; it covers the process of your artwork’s installation at your location and ensures fair compensation for the damage that art handlers may accidentally cause to your artwork, walls, or other property.

Installation Insurance: Additional Protection You May Use

Now, let’s figure out who needs this type of insurance. We traditionally recommend covering an artwork with this insurance policy if your art object is extra-expensive and has a rare, fragile, or antique frame that may get accidentally damaged in the installation process. In most other cases, repairing or changing the frame wouldn’t be an expensive project.

Can it take a toll on your art handling budget? Overall, the insurance policy for installation won’t cost you that much, causing only an insignificant rise in the art shipping project. We calculate the sum of insurance based on your artwork’s value. That’s why you may add this aspect of insurance coverage to your contract with Fine Art Shippers without fearing excessive expenditures or costs. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to find out the details and order end-to-end coverage of your artwork’s safety during the transit and installation procedures.