Fine Art Fair Installation: How to Prepare, and What to Expect

Fine Art Fair Installation

Art installation is a crucial point in every art fair. Why is that? The hanging of a painting or the lighting of a sculpture determines to a large extent whether the art piece will attract the attention of a potential buyer. The safety of the objects also depends on how they are installed. That is why it is very important to prepare for fine art fair installation in advance and hire a team of professionals for this job. 

Fine Art Fair Installation: How to Prepare, and What to Expect 

Participating in a fine art fair is an exciting opportunity to showcase your artwork and connect with art enthusiasts, collectors, and fellow artists. That’s why every part of art fair participation, whether it’s preparing marketing materials or promoting your participation, is very important.

Fine art fair installation also requires patient preparation. Plan your booth layout carefully, ideally with the help of an exhibition designer. Your goal is to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing display that allows visitors to appreciate your artwork. Once the display plan is complete and the artwork is delivered to the show location, you can begin setting up the booth.

At this stage, it is useful to ask for the help of art handlers, especially if the artwork is valuable or there are many pieces. In addition to ensuring the stability and safety of the artwork, art handlers can also help set up the lighting. Proper lighting is essential to effectively display your artwork. However, creating a visually striking presentation must not damage the artwork itself: skilled art handlers are always aware of the damage that direct light can cause to fragile works of art.

You may also need the help of art handlers at other stages of an art fair. First, in the preparation phase, you’ll need to deliver the items to the fair location. Second, you’ll need help after the show comes to an end: someone will need to pack your artworks and prepare them for transport to the final destination or art storage facility. For all of these tasks, you can’t find a better partner than a reputable fine art moving company. Most fine art movers offer art packing and crating, transportation, and fine art fair installation services, so you don’t have to look for different companies for each specific task.

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