The Advantages of Working with Art Transport Companies

The Advantages of Working with Art Transport Companies

The transportation of fine art objects doesn’t stand errors and experimentation. Obviously, the temptation to place a painting on the back seat of your car and ship it locally may be high, but let’s give that idea a second thought. This property may be too precious in the cultural, financial, and sentimental sense to be entrusted to chance. Thus, you should always consider using the services of art transport companies to have your art objects delivered to their destination, and here’s why.

Why Hire Professional Art Transport Companies?

Think of the following reasons for entrusting your valuable property to professionals.

#1 Quick, Timely Delivery

The benefit of precise timing and speedy delivery often represents the top priority for art owners. Your painting may need to be just on time at the international fair or exhibition, and delays are not an option. In this situation, turning to art transport companies is a wise decision. For instance, we at Fine Art Shippers always strive to deliver art objects as quickly as possible and can even organize same-day delivery for local shipments.

#2 Ultimate Safety

The safety and integrity of art objects play a critical role in the whole art transportation process, as a small mistake can cost too much. A single scratch on an expensive painting can turn into a huge financial loss for the company, so fine art handlers are properly trained in handling art with care. We organize fully safe shipping processes by ensuring the multi-layer, secure packaging of fine art you entrust to us; on-site packaging is another security measure that removes the need for transporting artwork without proper packaging, even at small distances. Besides, our art shuttles are equipped with GPS trackers and security locks to guarantee full protection of the shipped objects.

#3 Trained Art Handlers

The staff’s experience is also an essential benefit of working with professional fine art shippers. Personalized, professional service delivered by well-trained art handlers is the top tier of care you can get by hiring a reliable, experienced art shipping company.

These reasons should be more than enough to make your choice in favor of expert art transport companies. Fine Art Shippers is one of them, and you can easily delegate the headache of packaging, shipping, and storing your valuables to our trained, experienced staff. We’ll never let you down at any stage of art transportation by providing professional advice and assistance to ensure the safety and integrity of your belongings.