Services of Art Shipping in NY: Things to Consider and Check in 2024

Services of Art Shipping in NY

New York is an American hub of transportation for all kinds of freight, including fine art items. Every year, the city hosts dozens of art fairs, auctions, and exhibitions, so happy owners of new art pieces need a reliable company providing the services of professional art shipping in NY and beyond. But how do you pick the right company specializing in art shipping in NY, and which parameters should you prioritize in the selection process? This blog post offers a quick breakdown of major points to take care of.

How to Spot a Trustworthy Company Specializing in Art Shipping in NY?

A company with proven expertise in fine art shipping should meet the following criteria.

#1 Knowledge of Art Handling Intricacies

Every art object requires special treatment at the packaging and shipping stages. For instance, some paintings can be rolled and placed into a tube, while others should be packed in a sturdy cardboard box or a custom crate. Each artwork is unique in terms of its storage and transportation requirements, and the professional art handler’s task is to conduct a proper assessment and plan its shipping correctly.

#2 Professional Packaging

Commitment to top-tier standards of professional artwork packaging is also a hallmark of excellence in any NY art shipping company. Art handlers should always clean the area in which the art object will be packaged to prevent dust, dirt, and minor particles from sticking to the artwork and scratching or damaging it during transportation. Packaging should be done with proper regard to the protection of outstanding corners and padding of the entire art object so that it’s secure in transit.

#3 Custom Crating

A reliable art shipper should also deliver art crating services for extra-value artwork, large and heavy objects, three-dimensional art, and international shipments. Crates are made in line with the custom dimensions of every artwork and give your belongings the comprehensive protection they may need during long-term storage or long transit.

Fine Art Shippers: The Best Service in NYC

Whenever you think of hiring a company providing the services of art shipping in NY, Fine Art Shippers is a reliable option to consider. We have been working in the sphere of fine art transportation for almost three decades, so our expertise has withstood the test of time and order complexity. Our team is full of professionals with an inside-out understanding of safe art handling practices and an expert-level knowledge of different art types. Thus, your valuable fine art assets are safe in our hands, traveling with full protection and care for the transit risks and uncertainties.