Self-Transportation Tips from Fine Art Shippers

Self-Transportation Tips from Fine Art Shippers. Local transportation of one or several paintings can be accompanied by some logistical obstacles. In this way, to protect the integrity of fine art objects is very important for any art collector. So if you decide to do it yourself without a professional service, the best way to save your artworks is to use a crate. However, if for some reasons you can’t choose this method, use the following transportation tips.

1. Wrapping. Use the craft paper to wrap each of your paintings. You can also use bubble wrap if you need extra protection, but with the bubbles facing inward.

2. Bin box. A bin box with cardboard dividers is always a good choice. You can also use a telescoping box that will give you an opportunity to include several paintings in one shipment. Such a method will reduce the cost of transportation while providing basic protection for your art pieces.

3. Securing. Use the straps to tie the artwork down when moving in a van or truck. Otherwise, the painting even with protective packaging may be damaged sliding around in the back.

Howbeit, you can face a lot of problems and risks while transporting a painting by yourself. So the best option is to use expert shipping services like those provided by Fine Art Shippers. It will give you many benefits and surely a confidence in the safe and timely delivery of your favorite items. Choose our local transportation, custom crates, and white glove art delivery services for your precious artworks.