Oversized Art Packaging: 4 Straightforward Tips

Oversized Art Packaging: 4 Straightforward Tips

In art logistics, size is a decisive parameter that directly influences the difficulty of the handling process. When it comes to art packaging, the amount of material is not a problem; what matters most is the way you use your supplies to ensure the safety of the large-scale package. Shipping oversized art is a common task for movers, and yet it is recommended that every client knows how their items should be treated before a pick-up. Here are four straightforward tips to get a grasp of the science behind heavy-duty packaging solutions.

Oversized Art Packaging: 4 Straightforward Tips

4. Be strategic with layers

In packing, there is no such thing as the right number of layers. Whether you only start the process or are halfway to the end, you should be mindful of the number of packing stages you will need to finish the work. Having this information in mind will help you not only be aware of the safety of your belongings but also save money on art packaging materials.

3. Consider crating to be a heavenly manna for your artworks

Generally speaking, large-scale artworks can be either put into corrugated boxes of the same size or crated by professional carpenters. The latter option is more expensive yet more reliable in the long run. A custom-wooden crate has a lot of advantages, with safety being the most important one.

2. Be wise with your materials

As mentioned before, size is not necessarily a heap of materials and tools that you must use with the idea of “the more, the better.” To set up an adequate budget, do your homework, visit all available stores nearby, and compile the list of items that you need. Don’t be afraid to be skeptical regarding your choices because the chances are that some supplies are not what you require.

1. Teamwork is a component of your success

Carrying and packing a 36×48 inch painting frame or more on your own will feel like a real trial. Oversized art packaging is hence a task for two pairs of hands. That’s the most effective way to pack a frame in the shortest possible time without putting it at risk.

Fine Art Shippers: Packing Services in Style

Size has never been a problem for our art shipping team. At the same time, we follow all the necessary safety protocols to make sure that the artwork gets as much attention as needed. Please email us at info@fineartshippers.com to request oversized art packaging services right away.