Organizing Your Art Storage Space: Things You Should Never Do

Organizing Your Art Storage Space

Properly managed art storage is crucial to becoming a successful artist. Sounds like an exaggeration? Just think about it: how can you succeed at what you do if you do not take the time to treat your art with the respect it deserves? Today, you will learn what you should never do when organizing a storage space and what to do instead.

Organizing Your Art Storage Space: Things You Should Never Do

Storing rolled canvases and paper-based artworks long-term

You have probably seen people recommend that you roll your canvas paintings and prints for shipping. Indeed, this technique can help you efficiently transport artwork. However, you should never roll your artwork for long-term storage. Paper tends to deform easily, and putting it into a tube and forgetting about it for years would not do it any good. In addition, rolled paintings can crack if handled carelessly. Instead of rolling your unframed pieces, store them flat in acid-free archival boxes to save space, or find a way to hang them on your walls.

Storing framed artworks on top of each other

Framing art can help protect it from outside influences like dust and light (in case the glass frame is UV-protective). However, framed pieces take up more space than unframed ones, so many artists attempt to store them stacked on top of each other to save space. Unfortunately, this is not an optimal solution because the collective weight of heavy frames can cause the glass to scratch and even crack. Framed artworks should be stored upright in boxes or crates with dividers separating them.

Storing works of art on the floor

Storing your art on the floor is a bad idea for many reasons. Not only does it make your storage space or art studio feel more cramped and cluttered, but it can also harm your collection. Floors often contain moisture that can transfer onto the artwork and damage it. We highly recommend that you store art on elevated surfaces like shelves. If you must use your floor for storage, at least, make sure there is a thick barrier between it and your works.

Are you struggling with optimizing your storage space? You can always opt for a professional service. Fine art storage facilities are designed to keep your collection safe from harm and have enough space for even the largest of your possessions.