On-Site Art Packing Services in New York

Many art shipping companies in New York provide high-quality art packing services. However, not all of them are able to do this job on-site, and only a few companies have the experience and tools to build custom art crates at the client’s location quickly. This can be a problem sometimes because there are art pieces that are too fragile and delicate to be transported without proper packaging and/or crate even over short distances. For this reason, if you need to relocate artwork that can be easily damaged in transit, take your time to find art shippers who will come to your place and pack your item with the care and professionalism it deserves. One such company is Fine Art Shippers, and we would love to work with you.

On-Site Art Packing Services in New York

Fine Art Shippers has long been serving the art community in the New York area. We work with artists, gallerists, museums, private collectors, dealers, and auction houses, providing them with a complete range of art handling and art logistics options. Among them are art packing and custom crating services that we are proud to offer not only in our Brooklyn warehouse but also on-site.

On-site art packing services are a must when it comes to shipping high-value art or something very fragile. Be it a large framed painting or a glass sculpture, Fine Art Shippers can come to any location, fully equipped and prepared to pack your item for further transportation. Our trained art handlers will work with you, artwork’s specifications, and shipping factors (mode of transport, final destination, etc.) to provide a solution that ensures safe delivery.

We can also build a custom wooden crate if required. We will bring high-quality wood and all the needed equipment to construct the crate with a custom interior, which will ensure 100% protection to your artwork while it is in transit.

Tell us about your requirements, and we will provide you with art packing services that fully meet your needs!