Moving Soon? Here’s How to Ship Different Kinds of Furniture

Moving Soon? Here’s How to Ship Different Kinds of Furniture

Moving from one place to another is a pretty common practice for many Americans. According to an Architectural Digest survey, roughly 29% of people living in the United States plan to move this year, with 42% of respondents citing lower costs of living as a driving factor that would compel them to move. The same survey found that living in a safer neighborhood and being closer to family and friends are also among the top reasons why most Americans move.

Regardless of why you’ll be moving, it’s important to consider how to safely transport your items. The risks for furniture damage are likely to increase on the road, which is why you should know the proper way of packing and shipping your stuff, especially if you have prized antique possessions or big sets. If you plan on moving soon, here’s how you can ship different kinds of furniture.

Furniture sets

Packing furniture sets without extra precaution can lead to unwanted damage, like scratches that can easily stand out in matching pieces. Special furniture sets like a dining table with a bench may also require extra effort to be packed. This type of set usually has four to five dining chairs, a table, and a bench that’s used to accommodate more people and save space, which can make it a particularly popular option for smaller apartments. When moving this sort of dining set, after carefully wrapping each piece, you’ll need to stack the chairs by laying the seats upside down on each other, load the tabletop and bench on their longest side, lean them against the side of the truck to avoid tipping over, and secure everything with ropes or bungee cords. That way, your set can stay secure during transit despite the different types and shapes of seating.

Fragile home decor

Moving fragile decorations can be challenging, especially since they’re more likely to shatter into pieces if not packed safely. Furniture pieces like vases need to be stored carefully on the road. To help you move fragile decor safely, you can store them in a box with corrugated cardboard material since it has a layer of fluting that can absorb impact. You should also place protective padding inside the box, such as foam enclosures, bubble wrap, and air-filled bags that can keep your items in place. Be sure to label the box as fragile so your items can be handled with utmost caution.

Large furniture pieces

When packing and moving large pieces of furniture, you’ll need to ensure that they’re covered effectively to avoid major breakage and prevent them from damaging other decor. Headboards, bookshelves, and drawers, therefore, need to be wrapped with a moving blanket. These blankets are made of combined durable materials like cotton and polyester that can absorb shock and cushion your items to avoid scratches or dents that can happen in transit. You can use two moving blankets around a large item to provide full coverage, then wrap plastic stretch wrap or packing tape around the enclosed furniture to ensure that the blanket stays in place.

Antique furniture

Antique possessions are prized heirloom items that require special handling to preserve their original appearance and integrity. Special antique furniture or items like mahogany chairs or marble top center tables can also be sentimental pieces, especially if they were passed down through generations of your family. That said, when packing these items, you should label them as fragile so they can be handled with extra care. If you have antique pieces like plates and silverware, make sure to count them before packing to ensure that you transport them completely and in good condition. It’s also important to avoid adhesive tapes when wrapping these items in bubble wrap or moving blankets, as these adhesives could damage the fragile coating.

Moving furniture requires extra precautions to avoid unwanted damage. To help you move and pack valuable home decor, check out our white glove luxury moving services to ensure that your items are transported safely.