Mario Loprete’s Concrete Sculptures at Still Point Art Gallery

The use of concrete and cement as a medium for sculpture is not something new for artists. It actually has a long and exciting history that has given life to a whole range of amazing artworks installed today in many museums and public spaces around the world. However, the contemporary Italian artist Mario Loprete has found a new way to use concrete in art, mixing it with everyday objects and urban culture. You can see his unique concrete sculptures at “The Secret Life of Objects,” a juried online exhibition running at Still Point Art Gallery through November 30, 2020.

Mario Loprete’s Concrete Sculptures at Still Point Art Gallery


Mario Loprete’s Concrete Sculptures at Still Point Art GalleryMario Loprete’s original concrete sculptures from “He Was My Father” series are part of the online exhibition titled “The Secret Life of Objects.” Hosted by Still Point Art Gallery and curated by the gallery’s owner Christine Cote, the exhibition represents a group show featuring 30 artists from around the world. Moreover, since it is a juried exhibition, some of the artists have been awarded for their work, including Mario Loprete who has received an award for Distinctive Interpretation of Theme. Among other notable participants are Aaron Brown awarded “Best in Show,” Shannon Kernaghan awarded for Exceptional Composition and Design, and Judith Present awarded for Uniqueness of Concept and Originality. Artists’ works are also featured in the fall 2020 edition of Still Point Arts Quarterly Magazine.

Mario Loprete’s concrete sculptures created using clothes and everyday objects are a new stage in the career of the talented Italian artist. What started as an experiment and an attempt to escape from the bidimensionality of the canvas has grown into truly unique artworks pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend that you visit “The Secret Life of Objects” exhibition to enjoy works by Mario Loprete and other talented artists.

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