JD Malat Gallery Opens the Vibrant Contemporary Art Exhibition “Here & Now”

JD Malat Gallery Opens the Vibrant Contemporary Art Exhibition “Here & Now”

Are you looking for a contemporary art exhibition that reflects a genuine zeitgeist with all its multiplicity and diversity? Welcome to “Here & Now,” a new exhibition at JD Malat Gallery, which opened on June 5 and will welcome visitors until mid-July. The exhibition’s name fully reflects the content of featured works, each dedicated to contemporary challenges, struggles, human experiences, and identity negotiations.

First-Time Exhibitors at JD Malat Gallery

As JD Malat Gallery is open to debut exhibitions by new voices in the art world, “Here & Now” has also become the first-ever display of the works by several promising artists. The Mexican queer artist Horacio Quiroz, whose daring works on the exploration of fluid and dynamic identities have already acquired international fame, is presented at JD Malat Gallery for the first time. His art often balances beauty and grotesque and features experimental representations of human form and hybrid human states.

Another debuting creative at JD Malat Gallery is Mark Jenkins, an American artist specializing in sculptural street installations. His “street as canvas” method extends the boundaries of traditional art perceptions and adds a new perspective to the exploration of human existence.

Contemporary Art Exhibition of WAAW Creatives

Women Artists’ Art Week World (WAAW) is an organization with a global impact, working toward a better representation of female artists in the art industry. “Here & Now” offers a unique chance to view the works of WAAW’s notable representatives, such as Celine Ali, Hattie Malcomsen, and Sophie-Yen Bretez.

JD Malat Gallery Opens the Vibrant Contemporary Art Exhibition “Here & Now”

Ukrainian War Themes Explored

The collection of Marcel Rusu offers a thought-provoking perspective on the paradoxes of the Ukrainian war and the persistence of peaceful, convenient lives in the West by unifying contradicting elements of comfort and apocalypse on canvas. Rusu’s art is meant to challenge viewers with the looming crisis on a global scale that many tend to ignore or underestimate because of its territorial isolation.

JD Malat Gallery Opens the Vibrant Contemporary Art Exhibition “Here & Now”

What Else to Expect from “Here & Now”?

The exhibition may indeed be regarded as the heartbeat of contemporary art, as it seeks to unify many diverse contemplations on the nature of human identity and its modern transformations amid local and global challenges. You can identify these themes in the work of the Romanian artist group “Cluj Collective,” whose unique esthetic style will leave nobody indifferent. Other names in the exhibition’s line-up are Mehmet Cevik (also a first-time presenter at JD Malat Gallery), Kojo Marfo, Santiago Parra, and Luis Olaso, among others. Each work offers a unique artistic glimpse at what it means to live in the contemporary age and explore reality through multiple mediums.

Photo courtesy of JD Malat Gallery